Why Omikron Capital?

The experience of Omikron Capital is a combination of the knowledge and many years of practice of people working in our company. We have invested and worked on the growth of companies from almost every industry. We are flexible and we have a partnership approach to cooperation. We help companies enter the path of dynamic development through activities in the following areas:

Building sales teams

An efficient sales department is crucial for any organization and determines the speed with which it is able to increase its market share. We know how to build effective sales structures, how to find the right people to strengthen your sales potential and how to motivate them to release the company’s full potential.

Critical problem solving

Bankruptcy of a key client, foreign legal dispute, collection of large receivables are some of the cases in which we supported our partners. In critical situations, our team looks for a way out of a difficult situation as soon as possible. We have extensive experience in this and we are effective.

Production optimization

Thanks to our experience in the organization of production processes, we effectively support their optimization in cooperation with proven advisors and managers. We help manufacturing companies go the way of a new industrial revolution – Industry 4.0.

Acquisition / non-organic growth

A skillfully conducted acquisition brings the organization to a higher level, builds a potential that was previously beyond the company’s reach. We have completed over 20 acquisition processes, so we know how to carry them out to the benefit of the company. We carried out acquisitions of domestic and foreign competitors, which allowed us to expand both product competences and the market potential of the companies we supported. We know how to calculate and enforce synergies between businesses, making the acquisition bring measurable benefits.

Planning of growth and implementation of investments

The development of the company requires an increase in production capacity and the potential of its staff. It is important that such growth does not cause operational and financial problems. We know how to scale your business and plan the process of implementing large investment projects so that it is safe for the company and that the implemented investments do not negatively affect sales during their implementation.

Foreign expansion

We have helped many companies develop export and build production and trade facilities abroad. We are perfectly able to analyze the potential of foreign markets and direct the activities of sales teams. The expansion involves the construction of infrastructure necessary to achieve the assumed goals (dealer network, factories, service structures). We support enterprises in sustainable foreign growth and building appropriate infrastructure. We are able to find and carry out the acquisition of attractive foreign companies that can be the basis for building the company’s presence on a given market.

Building human capital

We help to build strategies based on people so that the company’s growth is not limited by the lack of qualified personnel. We support organizations in building human capital and developing the competences of the best employees so that they can increase the potential of the company in which they work.

Financial management (financing, management information)

Making informed decisions in the area of development requires ongoing insight into financial results and key indicators for the company. Thanks to the implementation of reporting and budgeting in accordance with Omikron’s proprietary standards, we gain a more accurate picture of the decisions made. We help manage relationships with financial institutions and arrange debt financing for investments.

Professionalization of the organization, strengthening management boards

We strengthen companies with people who have succeeded in management. We entrust them with activities in the field of sales, operations and finance. Thanks to this, we relieve our partners of some duties. They gain time to become more involved in strategic undertakings or for private life.